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"I believe when we look for a coach, we’re looking for impact. For change. We want something to be different. Marina is undoubtedly one of the people that most impacted my life, and she did it in a quite short period of time. Then she continued to surprise me each session, and hopefully will for a long time.


Her loving is unconditional. Her grounding is world class. I feel she’s always a bit ahead, and always capable of guiding me towards something fresh, new, deeper. And new powerful insights pour out of that work, each time. Then, because life follows our mind, things change also on the outside. Sometimes smoothly, sometimes dramatically, but invariably in a mysterious, simple, easy way. This is what great coaching is all about...


I would recommend her exceptional work to anyone looking for an inside-out transformation, and a deeper understanding of life."


- Gonçalo Gil Mata


“Marina is such a warm-hearted soul and the conversations with her are not of this world. I love talking to her! Each conversation is a delight and brings me deeper into seeing what I didn’t see. Opening another door, bringing more light. Our conversations are beautiful soul to soul exchanges that bring us each time further in the exploration of the principles behind life. Amazing.“


- Drissia Schroeder-Hohenwarth

Transformative Coach for Leaders, Teams and Organisations, Owner of DSH International HR, Germany

"I had come to a place in life where no matter how hard I worked, I was getting more and more unhappy, stressed, tired, regardless of how many things I got done and took care of. Meeting Marina and spending time with her has truly changed my life and I am forever grateful. I see things I didn't see before and I am able to live a hectic corporate life with kids, family and house renovations in harmony, like I have just stepped out of a yoga class, while actually being more efficient and full of energy."

- Cecilia Öhrn-Bonnard

Managing Director at Stockhom's Auktionsverk, South of Sweden

"Marina lives in a different space; she embodies the wisdom of a sage and when she speaks, it feels like love. Her coaching, mentoring and friendship have deeply shifted how I live and experience life... simpler yet more full of love and wonder."

- Kristy Halvorsen

Transformative Coach, founder of the Coddiwomple movement.

"The coaching I received with Marina brought me back home to this core place inside of me that is full of joy, aliveness, and perfect peace. She is truly a master coach. There are simply no words to describe the immense value I gained from my time with her. I learned to deeply trust myself and that alone has lead me to make powerful decisions that have resulted in tripling my income, gaining complete peace of mind in my most troubled relationships, and being happy and content and at ease with myself and the world for the first time in my life. I am now starting my own business which is something I always wanted to do but before working with Marina, I had too much self-doubt, fear, and inner conflict to actually do it. Now I have clarity of mind, and peace of heart and and even when I don’t I don’t try to fix it. I don’t see being human as a problem any more. That alone is profoundly life changing."


- Alisa Jenkins

Transformative Coach, USA

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