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El 20

"El 20" is a podcast in Spanish that invites you to relax, open your mind and have an insight, all in just 20 minutes!

El 20 has changed a lot over the years.  It started out as a weekly exploration of a specific topic together with my friend and colleague, Fernando Arath Perez.

Then it changed its format to a weekly interview of people who are versed on the understanding of the 3 Principles, sharing the insights that have changed their lives and transformed their reality.

The School for Mystics

The School for Mystics was a project I was invited to participate in with an incredibly talented colleague from Ukraine, Misha Saidov, back in 2021.

What I loved about the exploration with Misha was that we didn't hold ourselves back in any way, so every topic was taken as deep as possible, challenging ourselves and each other to the limits of our understanding.

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